Hair Trend: Children

Disney Star Chyna McClain shows how tweens can enjoy beautiful age-appropriate styling

To Achieve: Shampoo and condition hair with Dudley’s Sulfate-Free Cleanse shampoo and condition with Dudley’s Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner. Section hair in four parts and blow dry. Distribute a even amount of Dudley’s Creme Press onto hair and use a flat iron to smooth tresses and bend the iron to add a curl on the ends of the hair. Finish with Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray.

Children in salons are usually not acceptable unless being serviced. But when it comes to servicing children, what options do you choose? Some cosmetologists like to create hundreds of styles with the use of braids and twists, while others use heat styling to achieve perfectly polished looks. When it comes to the children in your salon, what do you do? Well we took notice of some of hollywood’s “it” children to show how servicing children can be a great way to boost your business!

Nahla Aubrey (Daughter of Halle Berry) shows how working with natural texture is best for small tots.

To Achieve: Shampoo hair with Dudley’s Moisturizing shampoo to ensure maximum moisture since little ones are usually only getting groomed once a day. When hair is wet, comb through with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles. Rub a dime sized amount of Dudley’s Curl Activator Moisturizer throughout hair to define tiny curls. Let hair hang loose or use a tie to create a high ponytail.

Sasha Obama rocks beautiful waves with pretty hair clasps. 

To Achieve: After shampooing and conditioning, set hair on big rollers using Dudley’s Fantastic Body Setting Lotion and place under a hooded dryer. After hair is 100% dry, remove rollers and use a paddle brush to smooth curls into waves. Place hair clasps if desired, and finish with Dudley’s Total Control Hair Gloss Rub-On.

Willow Smith stuns in funky braids

To Achieve: After shampooing and conditioning use a blow dryer to ensure hair is straightened. Use Dudley’s Hair and Scalp Conditioner with Vitamins A, D & E to section hair into small sections and braid down leaving about 1 1/2 inches of hair loose on the ends. After braiding the entire head, use a curling iron to add curl to the ends of the hair or if you prefer set the ends with rods and place under a hooded dryer. Finish with Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray.

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