What Style Naturally Flatters Your Face?

Halle Berry – Oval Shaped: If your face is oval shaped, you’re in luck! You will look stunning with any style! An oval face is like a canvas for any style because generally there is nothing that needs to be balanced. An oval is already balanced and because there are no wide points on the face. If you’re daring enough try a cute pixie like Halle has here.

When it comes to the way you style your hair, the possibilities are endless and there are so many styles that can appeal! Something to keep in mind is your face shape and what styles naturally flatter you! The shape of your face along with your style helps to put together a flawless package. Identify your face shape and what works for you.

Mariah Carey – Heart Shaped: If you have a heart-shaped face, it means the widest part of your face is above your cheekbones and your chin is the smallest point on your face. Heart shaped faces have a tendency of looking forever youthful (yay!) but can appear wide with the incorrect parting. Try a side part with a swoop bang. It softens the widest part of the face adding a feminine touch.

Gabrielle Union – Round Face: If your face is round, your cheeks are the widest point of your face. A round face is most flattering with a middle part. A middle part draws the eye to the center thus creating a longer looking face. Round faces can also look great with any style, just be careful to not draw too much attention to the cheeks by having a side part that falls on the cheekbones. It can make a round face appear rounder.

Nia Long – Square Shaped: If your face is square shaped, the widest points of your face are above the cheekbones and also in the jaw area. Square shaped faces can appear masculine with a short cut, but look amazing with bangs! Try a thick, edgy bang to soften up a square shaped face and add a bit of edge.