10 AMAZING looks for 2012!

Solange Knowles inspires with voluminous hair and a pretty pink pout. To achieve this look try setting your hair on rods with Dudley’s Fantastic Body Setting Lotion and finish with DPC Lipstick in Cabernet.

2012 is right around the corner, and we know you have been thinking of new looks for the new year. We are so excited about all the inspiration around us for new looks! 2012 won’t be about risky trends, but about choosing hair and makeup styles that compliment you in EVERY way. We’ve picked 10 gorgeous look that push you to go outside of your comfort zone for a beautiful new year.

Naomi Campbell proves that less can be more with superior shining strands! To achieve this look blow dry damp hair with a comb attachment or brush, rub a dime sized amount of Dudley’s Total Control Hair Gloss Rub on hair, flat iron in small sections and finish with Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray.

Tracee Ellis Ross explores the best of both worlds with a sleek pony puff. To achieve this look, shampoo locks with Dudley’s iDiversify sulfate-free shampoo to maintain moisture. After rinsing apply a generous amount of Dudley’s iDiversify Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner to maintain and hydrate curls. Use a bit of Dudley’s Firm Holding Spray to brush back the front of hair and apply a headband to hold hair in loose “pony poof.” Finish with Dudley’s Oil Sheen Spray and Lusterizer.

Chanel Iman shows us how to easily achieve a reverse-ombre look! Give your natural hair a break and ask your cosmetologist to apply partial extensions in a shade or two lighter than your natural shade. Use a flat iron to blend the crown and loosely curl the ends. Finish with Dudley’s True Indulgence Inner Brilliance Oil for sleekness.

Star Jones rocks a blonde bob that adds a whimsical touch to her look! Ask your cosmetologist about Dudley’s Fantastic Colors Semi-Permanent Color in Ginger and Primrose Yellow. Shampoo hair with Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo as well as Dudley’s Moisturizing Conditioner to maintain moisture for color-treated hair.

Jill Scott shows how adding a bit of spike to a cropped cut can give your look tons of edge! Ask your cosmetologist about the best technique for this cut and be sure to keep the hair and scalp in tip-top shape with Dudley’s Hair and Scalp Conditioner with Vitamins A, D &E.

Glee Star Amber Riley takes ringlets to another level with chestnut highlights and big curls! Ask your cosmetologist to use a big barrel iron to create cascading curls using Dudley’s Creme Press to protect hair from heat damage and tame flyaways.

NeNe Leakes looks stunning with a brighter hair shade along with brightening her eyebrows! Ask your cosmetologist about how eyebrow tinting can take a golden shade to the next level! For her natural but edgy eye try Dudley’s Eyeshadows in Copperrose and Ebony Magic.

Toni Braxton shows how to mix comfort and style with this effortlessly gorgeous crop. To tame natural waves try Dudley’s Easy, Curling and Waving Hairdressing. It work with your natural waves to sculpt and perfect. 

Faith Evans ditches her usual strawberry blonde locks for a blunt bang and dark hue. Take your dark strands to another level with Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment. It seals cuticles and nourishes the hair’s cortex for maximum hydration and shine!


Have Damage-Free Hair in the new year!

When it comes to damaged hair, all types of heat styling and drying are the biggest offenders. Because of our faced-paced lifestyles, it can be difficult to let our hair air dry each time, or to eliminate heat styling altogether. We are listening to your concerns and want to make 2012 your best hair year ever. WHEN YOU SHAMPOO The first step in treatment for and prevention of dry, damaged hair is the proper shampoo and conditioner. Begin your regimen with Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo. It is designed specifically to add moisture to dry hair and leaves the hair soft, manageable, and moisturized. Full of botanical conditioners, it is almost like using a conditioner before your actual conditioner!

Follow your shampoo with Dudley’s Moisturizing Conditioner. It is high in Vitamin A and other minerals needed to moisturize the hair. Powerful Amino Acids with low molecular weight enable deep penetration of moisturizers while helping hair to maintain its moisture.  Special proteins control static in the hair and provide conditioning, sheen and gloss. WHEN YOU USE THERMAL STYLING TOOLS For additional protection from thermal styling, use Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray which penetrates the hair to protect both the cuticle layer and the cortex while also protecting the hair against color fading and damaging UV radiation. If you choose to blow dry, spray your damp hair with TC Liquid Gloss Spray prior to beginning to blow dry.

WHEN TAMING DRY ENDS Don’t continue to use the flat iron! Use Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer daily. This is an economical, concentrated, leave-in moisturizing hairdressing designed to restore the hair’s natural oils and moisture.

Take the first step to achieving damage-free locks for the new year! Click the link below to visit our online store to find the above mentioned products.

Make 2012 Your New Skin Year! – 10 Quick Q&A’s about YOUR skin.

She’s back! Dudley Beauty College graduate and esthetician to the First Lady of the United States Joelle Lyons is back to answer your skincare questions. 2012 comes with many resolutions, and one should be taking better care of your skin! Our skin deserves so much more attention than we often give it and it’s the frontline when it comes to aging and toxins in the body. Read on to get her answers on how to make the most of your skin.

1. What is the most common sign of neglected skin?

 This would depend on skin condition, but dull, dehydrated, wrinkled, discolored or blemished skin would be signs of neglect.

 2. At what age is appropriate to begin anti-aging treatments for the skin?

 You can start anti-aging treatments as early as your 20’s.

 3. Is a recommended skin regimen important for young people? (22 or below)

 This would depend on whether or not they have had problem skin throughout their teenage years. Most high school teenagers begin skin care regimens and treatments at a young age because of acne

4. Is it necessary to use products with SPF if you are a person of color?

 Yes, especially if you are using topical prescriptions for acne like Retin A and the like or having invasive or chemical peel procedures. It also helps to prevent uneven and discolored skin. Black people also get skin cancer so I would definitely recommend sun screen to all.

 5. Can skin damage be reversed?

 Yes, but it takes much longer to reverse damage then prevent it. It may not be permanently gone but will definitely improve over time.

 6. Is it ever too late to begin a skincare regimen?

 No, because no matter how bad the skin may be, there is always room for improvement and it still will prevent more problems from occurring in the future.

 7. Is there one type product that is the most important to maintain healthy skin?

  Internally, Water, it’s the most important thing to drink to maintain healthy skin. If I could pick up a product, I would have to say Exfoliating products would be the most important to have in your regimen they offer many benefits all in one and help maintain healthy looking skin.

 8. What is the most common issue with maintaining proper skincare?

 People are using too many products and can’t stay committed to a simple regimen. They didn’t get regular check-ups for their skin or facials and one’s lifestyle and environment.

 9. What regimen would you suggest (Cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing? Etc.)

 Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Correct, and Protect

 10. Is touching the face throughout the day bad for the skin?

Yes, if your hands aren’t clean.

Hair Growth 101 – Dudley Educator NisaRenee gives her tips on all things growth.

One of the biggest concerns we hear a lot around here involves hair growth. Women across the world are wondering how to achieve the length, thickness or consistency they desire and most believe that growing hair without breakage is nearly impossible! We sent some of your questions to Dudley Educator NisaRenee to see how she weighs in on breakage and growth.

1.    I’ve been getting my hair done regularly for years by a trusted cosmetologist in the attempt to grow hair past my shoulders. My hair seems to not be able to push past the bottom of my neck! What am I doing wrong?

Brittle hair breaks easily.  Lubrication and moisturization are key factors to keep  healthy hair flexible, prevent breakage and realize growth.  We need to help the hair stay moisturized so that it stays strong. Using Dudley’s Scalp Special not only helps hair grow in but penetrates the hair strands and Dudley’s PCA adds the moisture needed to help hair retain length  and strength.

2.    Although I do have a fast growth rate for the back of my head, it seems the front/crown doesn’t grow at the same rate? Is this possible?

Yes this is possible. As we mature and because of natural toxins and deficiencies some times our bodies aren’t able to produce the natural oils needed to nourish the follicles in different places in our scalp. Using Dudley’s AD&E will add the vitamins needed to promote healthy growing hair.

3.      I once heard that buildup on the scalp may slow growth. Is this true?

Yes. Build up of keratin (dry patches), dirt, and heavy oils will slow growth by blocking the follicles. Keeping hair clean using Dudley’s Cleanse shampoo and using Dudley’s AD&E and Scalp Special which has the ability to penetrate the hair strand and scalp and will not leave build up, will help hair continue to grow in strong and healthy.

4.      My hair grows pretty long, but the last 2 inches always seem thinner than the rest of my head. Why is this?

More than likely regular trims are needed. As the hair grows further away from the scalp it receives less oils and the cuticle is weaker due to heat, chemical build up, brushing, etc. Causing more splitting. Keeping your ends trimmed and moisturized with Dudley’s PCA leave in conditioner will help ends stay thicker and stronger longer.

5.    I’ve tried everything to boost my hair growth. Pills, scalp conditioners the works! Do these products really work?

Yes. Using a good supplemental vitamin like biotin and using Dudley’s AD&E  and Dudley Scalp Special will help the hair to grow and be healthy.  In addition proper diet, drinking plenty of water and getting proper rest are also essential.

6.      When I was a little girl my hair was very long and healthy, as I have gotten into my 30s I notice my hair is not as thick and vibrant anymore. Should I be experiencing this already?

As we mature our bodies change. Chemical and hormone levels change, and we focus less on our health. Taking the time to make sure you’re not deficient in any area and using Dudley hair care products will help keep hair thick and vibrant longer.

7.  I love to wear my long hair down, but often times it’s stiff and doesn’t maintain body. Any suggestions?

Wearing large roller sets and using Dudley’s fantastic body setting lotion will give your hair the body it needs. Try pincurling with large sections to maintain the look.

8.  I wear lots of extensions to boost my hair growth. Do I need to give my hair a break from it since the extensions seem to help with growth?

Taking a break from pulling the hair against its growth pattern is always important. Not giving your hair a break will cause breakage later.

9.    My daughter is 4 years old and has very coarse hair. Because it is so tightly coiled I’m not able to have variety when it comes to styles. I know that blow drying is an option to create cute ponytails and lengthen her strands, but is this healthy for her hair?

Because her hair is tightly coiled the strand is most likely thin. So the strands must be protected when applying heat. Adding Dudley’s Creme Press prior to blowdrying will protect the hair and give you more control for styling. Also using Dudley’s idiversify line will give you options such as two strand twist and will give your daughter a break from hair being pulled and from heat.

10.  The perimeter of my head has the slowest growth rate. No matter how great my hair routine is, I still have breakage around the edges! What can I do about this?

First you should visit your Dudley hair care specialist to determine where the breakage stems from. It may be as simple as too much tension on the perimeter, salt deposits from perspiration, soap and facial products getting on hair, or  chemical damage. Using Dudley’s Scalp Special will help restore and protect your edges and determining the source or the breakage will help prevent it from happening again.

Color Queen – What the color you choose to rock, says about you.

Rihanna stunned the world when she showed several variations of fire-engine reds this year.

Hair coloring isn’t new to the world. In ancient times, women had the desire to change their hair color for a variety of reasons, and would use plants to do so. Today, the tradition continues and technology allows us to use more convenient methods. If you are one of the millions of men and women that depend on hair color to achieve your best look, do you ever wonder what your color says about you and how to get the best results? We thought it would be fun to explore the sensational trend.

Red: A woman who wears crimson tresses is not a wallflower. This woman doesn’t mind being noticed in fact, she walks in and owns the room. This woman has probably tried lots of things with her hair including different colors and cuts, but if she settles on red, she’s unique and likes to stand out in a crowd. A great thing about red is that you can easily make it your own. With shades ranging from a deep auburn to fire engine, this is a color you can make unique to your look! If you want to try red, but are afraid of commitment give Dudley’s Fantastic Colors a try (must ask your cosmetologist!) Our newest shade X-Treme red is the highest pigmented semi-permanent color on the market with no ammonia or peroxide added. Ask your cosmetologist about the right method to achieving your desired shade.

Kelly Rowland uses her dark hair to highlight health and tons of shine.

Black: If you love jet-black tresses you are an edgy woman of mystery. Any woman that loves jet black hair believes that less is more. She let’s her hair tell her story and loves to be that maven that shows off her beautiful mane. The beautiful thing about dark hair is it’s ability to look fabulous without much effort! Black hair has a natural way of looking healthy and vibrant almost automatically. If you don’t have naturally black tresses, try using our Fantastic Colors Semi-Permanent color in Natural Black. It’s not only the best remedy for the perfect shade or covering grays, but  it also adds moisture to the hair to ensure maximum health! Already have black hair? Turn up the heat with a Blank Clear rinse! A clear rinse will put a layer of gloss on each strand for a fabulous finish!

Keri Hilson brings brightness to the winter season with blonde curls

Blonde: Bombshell! The woman who chooses to go blonde is a vixen and appreciates her femininity. She doesn’t necessarily want to be the center of attention, but she must look her best at all times. This woman also has no problems with maintaining herself since this shade can be hard to keep up with when it comes to roots. When it comes to lightening the hair, it is CRUCIAL to contact a professional cosmetologist. Stripping the hair of color if done incorrectly can cause lots of damage that may be hard to repair. Ask your cosmetologist about our Levels Permanent Color in Honey Blonde, it is a one step process that deposits rich color into the hair shaft, creating permanent, true-to-color results. Meaning, no brass!

Vanesssa Simmons adds edge to her brown locks

Brown: Perhaps the most versatile shade of them all! Brown had been considered a “safe” color for years, but cosmetologists are learning new ways to make brown very desirable and fashionable. Instead of one all over color, try mixing different shades in highlights or create an ombre effect. For instance, chestnut and caramel are beautiful together! If your tresses are already brown ask your cosmetologist about highlights or lowlights in complimenting brown shades, or a boost to your already fabulous natural shade. Our Fantastic Colors Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Sienna Brown is the perfect mix of chestnut and brick to compliment all skin tones!

What are your favorite hair colors?

Braids 101! – Dudley Educator NisaRenee answers all your questions about braids.

Solange Knowles brings braids back to the forefront

Dudley Educator NisaRenee is back to answer your questions about Braids! Braiding has surpassed  simply being a trend, and can be timeless and trendy at the same time! In the past we’ve only seen famous braids on some of our favorite celebrities like Brandy and Janet Jackson, but recently Solange Knowles, baby sister to megastar Beyonce Knowles has brought braids back in an exciting way. Do you know everything you need to about keeping them healthy? Read on to get more information on this beloved do’.

1.    I like to get braids over the summer or when I know I’ll be doing a lot of traveling. I consider it a “break” for my hair. Is it?

When done and maintained properly, braids are an optional way to give your hair a break from heat and every day manipulation (such as brushing, combing, etc.)

 2.    I’ve never tried braids before but I see women with all types from micro braids to Senegalese twists. Which are best when starting out?

First you must decide what is the final look you want to achieve with the braids and your lifestyle and business dress code. Some factors to consider:  whether you swim or workout, ease of maintenance, versatility in styling, time required to get them in, and who will be removing them. After you’ve determined all these things it will be a little easier to choose which works best for you.  Your braid stylist can help you.

 3.    My 10-year old daughter is so active that I keep her hair braided or in cornrows. To keep it hydrated, I was greasing her scalp daily. Is this necessary?

Yes it is still and actually even more important to continue to condition the scalp and hair. When the hair is braided the natural oils have no way of reaching past where the braid begins, so using Dudley’s AD&E and Dudley’s Scalp Special regularly is a must.

4.    How long can braids be kept in?

Braids should never be kept in longer than 3 months, and hair must still be shampooed while hair is braided to eliminate any bacteria, fungus, or debris. Using Dudley’s idiversify Cleanse shampoo is a great sulfate-free shampoo for deep cleansing and removing any built up debris.

5.    If I notice flakes or debris around the root of my braids, is it time to take them out?

Not necessarily, but it is time to shampoo your hair.

 6.    When removing my braids, some of the thin ones around the hairline just fell off along with my hair! What did I do wrong?

There is a proper way of installing braids. The hair around your hairline, front and back, is very fragile and requires much care. When getting braids put in, be sure that the amount of your hair used in each braid is the same or more than that of the extended hair used. Extended hair is heavier and more wiry and can weigh on your hair or cut into it if the proper amount is not used. Also making sure the braids are not too tight will eliminate any follicle damage or loss of hair.

7.    What’s the best way to make braids last longer?

Wrapping up your braids or wearing a satin bonnet is the best way to maintain your braids so they will last longer.

8.    Should I be concerned if my braider is not a licensed professional?

Yes. A licensed professional has been trained in the area of sanitation & bacteria control, and in hair and skin care. There are many scalp diseases and fungi that are spread due to unhealthy practices. Also your licensed professional will use the proper products to prepare and protect the hair while braiding.

 9.    How can I make my braids look sophisticated for work?

Inform your braid stylist of this concern prior to braiding so they may help you choose a style with some versatility.  A simple solution is wearing your braids in a classy updo style and off your face to give you a more sophisticated look for work.

10.  If I wear my braids in a swimming pool is it necessary to shampoo them after? Is it effective?

Yes. Prior to getting in the pool you should apply Dudley’s PCA leave in conditioner, this will help block the chlorine in the water from penetrating your hair strands. Then after rinsing, shampoo with Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner to clean hair and scalp, and return hair back to a normal ph. Also apply Dudley’s AD&E to the scalp and braids to keep scalp and hair well conditioned.


Everywhere we turn – Dudley Blue!


Ugg Australia Classic Short Ankle Boots. $149.95. Shop them here.

The holiday season is not only an opportunity of giving, but also a time to enjoy the beauty in everything around you. Since most of us have been browsing stores since Thanksgiving (or before for early shoppers!) we have noticed many trends in stores all over the country! One trend we can’t help but notice is blue! Blue has been our signature color since the company was born in 1967 and seeing it everywhere this season, gave us the idea to compile it all here! Take a look at some of these great pieces!

Forever 21 faceted stretch bracelet. $7.50. Shop it here.

Target Lattice Porcelain Bread Basket. $16.99. Shop it here.

Diane Von Furstenburg. Kenley Blue Snow Leopard Print Scarf. $250.00. Shop it here.

What holiday trends have you been spotting lately?

Press On! – National Dudley Educator NisaRenee answers all your questions about straightening natural tresses.

With the community of natural hair growing at a rapid pace, women are wanting to explore the versatility of natural strands. One question our educators receive frequently is the best way to straighten coiled strands without damage and to achieve the best results. National Dudley Educator NisaRenee answers all of your questions here:

1.   Does pressing natural hair ruin the curl pattern?

No pressing natural hair correctly will not ruin your curl pattern. Pressing only makes a physical change and does not change the bonds of the hair permanently.

2.   Often times when I straighten my naturally coiled hair, I have lots of frizz on my ends even after a trim! How do I mask this?

Using Dudley’s Crème Press and Scalp Special prior to pressing helps smooth out the cuticles of the hair strand and adds sheen.

3.   What is the healthiest way to blow dry my hair before pressing?

Applying a leave in conditioner, like Dudley’s Idiversify Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner and Dudleys Crème Press, parting the hair in sections, and detangling from the ends up is the best way to prepare the hair for blow drying and keep it healthy.

4.   How do I maintain my press when there is rain or humidity?

Dudley’s Easy Curling & Waving and Crème Press repel moisture and help to maintain your press.

5.   Does using so much heat to press damage natural hair?

Making sure the hair is properly treated, protected with proper products, and that your straightening tools are used correctly will prevent damage. Dudley’s Idiversify Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner, Crème Press, Easy Curling & Waving, and Scalp Special are must haves when wearing your hair straightened.

6.   What’s the best way to achieve movable body when pressing?

Using the proper amount of products and keeping hair healthy will allow any press to be movable, full of body and beautiful.

7.   I want to grow out my relaxer and opt for a press, but I’m afraid that my very coarse hair will not press! Do all hair types press out the same way?

All hair types will press though not the same way. The temperature, tool and tension will be determined largely by your hair texture and condition.  Using the appropriate products, like Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner, will help moisturize hair and prepare new hair to be pressed.  Using Dudley’s Easy Curling & Waving will help prevent a coarse wave pattern from reverting.

8.   How often should I maintain my press and curl at home with a flat iron?

Hair really should only be flat ironed after its been clean, but who has that time? Wrapping your hair every night and using Dudley’s Crème Press before pressing no more than once s week, will reduce the need to flat iron and keep hair healthy.

9.   Is pressing a healthier option than a relaxer?

Hair can remain healthy using either procedure, performed and maintained properly. Likewise, either service done incorrectly can damage hair.  Natural hair for some may require more maintenance than relaxed and for some the other way around. Whether natural or relaxed visiting your Dudley hair care specialist, and properly maintaining your hair at home with Dudley’s maintenance products will keep your hair healthy.

10. Is it possible to “train” my natural hair to remain straight?

Pressing hair with the appropriate tools and products for your texture will often help soften the natural wave pattern allowing hair to remain straighter longer, but because this is a physical change, water moisture will always cause some degree of reversion.


NisaRenee is a national Dudley Educator in Baltimore, Maryland

Why PCA?

If you have been a supporter of Dudley’s over the years, you must have heard about our Miracle PCA Moisture Retainer. It remains our most popular retail item, and has been proven to work on all hair types and be wonderful for children! If you’ve never experienced the wonders of PCA, read on to find out how it can become an important factor in your hair story.

Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer is an economical, concentrated, leave-in moisturizing hairdressing that protects the hair from chemical processing. Designed to restore the hair’s natural oils and moisture, this daily hair lotion is enriched with humectants and creamy emollients that soften and retain moisture in the hair shaft. This means it perfect for hair that is relaxed or natural as well as chemically treated!

Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer contains Sodium PCA, an agent that can absorb moisture from the air into the hair’s cortex where emollients seal the cuticle to retain the moisture inside the hair. It’s moisturizing effect helps preserve the hair’s elasticity and suppleness. Unlike glycerin, it will not absorb the moisture from the scalp.


PCA is also great for breakage treatment! Panthenol and biotin, ingredients in Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer, penetrate to the cortex, thickening the hair strand and imparting sheen, strength and flexibility.

The light, non-greasy consistency of Dudley’s PCA Moisture Retainer is especially beneficial for relaxed hair. Vital moisture is depleted from hair during relaxing, causing dryness and breakage.  PCA attracts and restores moisture in the hair shaft, leaving hair feeling silkier, looking livelier, and it’s never stiff or greasy.

How to Use (can be used on wet or dry hair)Squeeze a small pea-sized amount into the palm of your hand and  massage throughout the hair. No need to rinse!

In honor of Cyber Monday we are offering our PCA 8oz size for $10.00 only! Click here to purchase yours now!

A Deeper Look: Shampoo – Why it’s the most important part of the process.

Having your hair shampooed, or shampooing it yourself may not have any thrill after years and years of doing it, but it remains the most important part of growing and maintaining healthy hair. Clean hair is like a blank canvas to work with, and any products will be more effective on clean hair. Depending on your particular hair type or condition, choosing the right shampoo is essential. Dudley’s is committed to providing the best quality shampoos only suitable for the professional cosmetologist and consumers that want salon quality hair at home. So which Dudley shampoo is right for your hair?

Hair lacking body? If you have tried everything to boost life back into those locks, look not further than our Moisturizing Shampoo. It’s infused with Vitamin A to increase the hair’s ability to retain moisture! This means that your hair won’t soak up moisture in the hair to be nourished resulting in hair that is lush and bouncy.

Flaky scalp? If you have an issue with dryness and flaking, step away from the hair oil! Start with ensuring your hair is squeaky clean and is getting the treatment it needs. Our Dandruff Shampoo conditions as it deep cleans the scalp and hair shaft. It’s infused with zinc pyrithione and sulfur to help prevent dandruff-causing bacteria. The best part? There’s no strong tar smell!

Got damaged locks? Our Deluxe shampoo is perfect for you! We’ve loaded this shampoo with protein to repair damage, improve sheen, and add softness. Want to know the best part? It’s great at protecting hair from harmful UV rays! A must have for anyone that loves to vacation.

Got Buildup? The Shampoo is great for you! Although it works amazingly at lifting debris and dirt from the hair and scalp, but it also has jojoba oil and aloe in it to keep strands moisturized in the process! During the shampoo all agents work together for the ultimate clean.

Professional Shampoo Tips:

1. Not keeping hair clean can cause hair follicles to clog and increase breakage.

2. No need to be harsh and abrasive with scalp! Using the pads of your fingers to massage away dirt is ideal. If that’s not lifting properly, try a natural bristled brush.

3. If your hair holds on to dirt and oil, shampoo with a clarifying shampoo before your treatment shampoo to lift anything.

What do you like about the shampoo portion of maintaining healthy hair?