Spice Up Your Salon 2!

Beautiful hanging baskets for towels, caps, and backstock

Because of how popular our “Spice Up Your Salon” post was, we decided to visit Pinterest again to round up great ideas to take your salon to the next level. Try one or all of these ideas to give your salon a new look and potentially gain a new clientele!

Visit thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales for unique pieces that will add flair.

Keep fresh flowers in your salon to add life and color

Cheesecake filled strawberries..yummy treat for clients!


5 Tips to Effective Communication

Through our daily lives there is much communication to be had. Whether you are speaking to one of your employees or simply communicating to a friend, it is important to understand how crucial good communication skills are. If you find yourself in situations where you are often misunderstood, read these 5 tips to ensure your point comes along crystal clear.

1. Repeat it Back

Use active listening to increase the accuracy of your communications. Listen to what’s being said then repeat it back to the person speaking. For example: “What I hear you saying is…Is this accurate?”

2. Write it Down

Writing down information increases the chance of information being conveyed accurately and shows the listener that you are interested in getting his or her points down accurately.

3. Paint a Picture

Creating a visual image of what’s being said to you may help you to better remember or understand the information presented.

4. Open a Door

Communication is a two-way process. Individuals will be comfortable expressing their needs, wants and desires if they genuinely feel that you’ve left open the door to communication.

5. Let it Out. 

From time to time, what needs to be communicated may not be the most pleasant information or feeling, however, in order to address important issues we must allow these feelings to be expressed.

What do you do to communicate better?

Relaxer 101 – Answers to Common Questions and Myths about Relaxers

1. Relaxers speed up the balding process in African-American Women

 Improper application and maintenance of relaxed hair can facilitate temporary hair thinning or loss, just  as improper application and maintenance of braids & weaves, thermal styling, etc.  Balding, however, is generally hereditary or associated with a medical condition.
 2.  Relaxers aren’t necessary for sleek straight strands.
   Sleek straight strands can be achieved using any number of procedures, tools and products.  Relaxers enhance permanency, consistency and longevity of sleek straight strands.
 3. Boxed relaxers vs. Professional relaxers what’s the difference?
 Boxed relaxers are directed toward the consumer, so quantity is generally limited to the amount needed for a single “average” retouch.  Strengths and formulas may vary widely since they are designated for “untrained” use.
 4. A kiddie perm is safer than a regular strength relaxer
 The safety of any chemical that changes the hair structure is dependent on many factors: condition & texture of the hair & scalp, application process, maintenance, and even age, or existing medical conditions to list a few.
 5. A relaxer must be maintained for life to ensure hair health. 
A relaxer does not necessarily have to be “maintained” for life.  However, one should not haphazardly switch between relaxing and not relaxing.  This can lead to breakage, improper relaxation or over processing.   Consider cutting relaxed hair after a few months of going natural and definitely consult your stylist when stopping your relaxer.  They can help you minimize damage and hair loss.
6. A chemical relaxer breaks down the hair
 A chemical relaxer breaks microscopic linkages that make up hair texture and then re-links them differently to create a new texture.
 7. It’s ok for your relaxer to burn a bit during the application process, it means it’s processing
  If your relaxer burns it means it is processing, and potentially damaging,  your skin – not the intended use for relaxers. Basing creams and profesional application help prevent relaxer contact with skin.
 8. If any new growth has appeared, it’s safe to relax it.
 Just the “appearance” of new growth is not grounds to relax.  Use products to soften and lubricate new growth until you have at least  ½” – 1″ new growth before relaxing. (This generally equates to 6-8 weeks between relaxers.)
 9. It’s safer to get a relaxer 3 times a year rather than every two months.
  For some textures it is advisable to have relaxers 3 times/ year or even less.  For others, the contrast in texture may be too great and cause breakage if waiting too long between relaxers.
 10. It’s alright to relax a child’s hair under the age of 10.
Generally it is best not to relax the hair of children under the age of 10. Many times the hair texture will change on it’s own or when assisted with the right maintenance products.  In some cases heat styling my be required, but this too should be used in moderation.  Discuss with a professional the best way to maintain your child’s hair based on texture and condition.

Product Spotlight! – Treat your hair to a day at the spa.


If you are tired of the same old oil treatments, try giving your hair a day at the spa with our Mud Mask Treatment! Treatments are essential to maintaining the health and overall vibrance of your hair. If you haven’t tried our mask treatment yet, be prepared to experience amazing results. After one use, you will be adding it to your monthly routine.


Why Dudley’s Hair Mask?

Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment is a deep, penetrating conditioner that restores moisture to dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. It strengthens, enhances sheen, and improves the texture of hair. Many of the ingredients in Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment are derived from the ocean. The ocean covers three fourths of the earth and sustains an abundance of life. Sixty types of mineral salts and trace elements are essential for the proper life support of these organisms.

How does it restore moisture so well?

Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment has sea kelp, algae, and other minerals and natural botanicals that pamper your hair with “Nature’s Moisture.” Algae and sea kelp are able to manufacture up to 100,000 times the actual trace elements found in the ocean.  Trace elements are a natural byproduct of the ocean’s living organisms, and are beneficial to the hair and skin.  Each is a valuable ingredient, but combined they become nature’s potpourri for healthy hair and scalp. It is like taking vitamins and mineral supplements that will approve the overall appearance of the hair. Algae and seaweed both have natural humectants that reduce moisture loss when hair is dry, over-processed and/or color-treated. The amino acids in seaweed also aid the hair in retaining moisture.

Will it reduce the amount of breakage I’ve been experiencing? 

When hair becomes tangled and a comb or brush is run through it, the result can be breakage of the hair. The natural conditioners in Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment allow better combing for wet or dry hair. It reduces tangles and decreases the stretching of the hair that can cause breakage.

How does it add strength to my hair?

Algae contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and improve the overall appearance of the hair. The elements in Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment will strengthen, enhance sheen and improve the texture of hair.

How do I use it?

1. After hair has been shampooed and towel blotted, apply a generous amount of Dudley’s Hair Mask Treatment to hair.

2. Massage throughout the hair, and pile the hair on top of the head. Cover hair with a plastic cap and place client under the dryer for 10-15 minutes.

3. Rinse hair thoroughly and style as desired.

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What Style Naturally Flatters Your Face?

Halle Berry – Oval Shaped: If your face is oval shaped, you’re in luck! You will look stunning with any style! An oval face is like a canvas for any style because generally there is nothing that needs to be balanced. An oval is already balanced and because there are no wide points on the face. If you’re daring enough try a cute pixie like Halle has here.

When it comes to the way you style your hair, the possibilities are endless and there are so many styles that can appeal! Something to keep in mind is your face shape and what styles naturally flatter you! The shape of your face along with your style helps to put together a flawless package. Identify your face shape and what works for you.

Mariah Carey – Heart Shaped: If you have a heart-shaped face, it means the widest part of your face is above your cheekbones and your chin is the smallest point on your face. Heart shaped faces have a tendency of looking forever youthful (yay!) but can appear wide with the incorrect parting. Try a side part with a swoop bang. It softens the widest part of the face adding a feminine touch.

Gabrielle Union – Round Face: If your face is round, your cheeks are the widest point of your face. A round face is most flattering with a middle part. A middle part draws the eye to the center thus creating a longer looking face. Round faces can also look great with any style, just be careful to not draw too much attention to the cheeks by having a side part that falls on the cheekbones. It can make a round face appear rounder.

Nia Long – Square Shaped: If your face is square shaped, the widest points of your face are above the cheekbones and also in the jaw area. Square shaped faces can appear masculine with a short cut, but look amazing with bangs! Try a thick, edgy bang to soften up a square shaped face and add a bit of edge.

5 Facts About Daily Heat Styling

A curling iron, hot comb, flat iron or marcel iron seem like necessary styling tools and work wonders on all hair types. These tools in fact, are revolutionary and do great things to aid us in creating unlimited styles for ourselves or our clients. But what happens when we take it too far? Many women use hot tools to maintain their mane on a daily basis, in fact some use hot tools to correct damage created by using too many hot tools! But what does using daily heat REALLY do to your hair? Whether you are an offender yourself, or have a client that doesn’t understand the effects, this post is for you! We asked an educator on our A-list team to give us 5 facts about daily heat styling, and her answers blew us away!

1. It dries the hair excessively.

Even if your hair is not severely dry, losing moisture and flexibility not only affects the way your hair looks and performs today, but can also have long-term damaging effects! If there was a beauty product that made you look great, but depleted you of water, would you use it? Probably not! Make a promise to yourself and your strands to limit heat styling to once a week. Be sure to maintain your hair at night with wrapping or any other technique involving a satin scarf or bonnet to keep ends laying down and in place for the next day. If you notice frizzies despite your wrapping efforts, try using Dudley’s Creme Press on stubborn edges to moisturize and protect hair from elements and smooth strands.

2. Daily heat strips the protective layer of the strand.

The outer layer of your hair strand is the first defense against damage. Think of it as the “skin” of your strand. Don’t damage it! No matter how your hair looks after using heat, that outer layer is being damaged. When you shampoo, use Dudley’s iDiversify Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner to ensure hair has an extra barrier of protection especially if you are noticing signs of heat damage and ask your cosmetologist about a Dudley’s DRC Protein Treatment.

3. Chemically treated hair may be more sensitive to heat.

Love those highlights you got recently? You may not know that if any chemicals are applied to the hair, it’s important to adjust your heat styling! Hair that has been treated with chemicals already needs TLC and daily heat can cause more strain on the hair. Ask your cosmetologist about adjusting your heat routine to fit the type of chemical service you received. Altering the color or texture of your hair may require new products along with new techniques.

4. It accelerates split ends.

A routine trim is essential to maintaining a head full of healthy, growing hair and trimming to frequently can slow down that process. To ensure your hair’s cycle is up to par, give up the heat. Your personal growth and shedding pattern shouldn’t be negatively affected. Try using Dudley’s Aroma Oil on ends to keep them from splitting and visit your cosmetologist for regular trims.

5. Start with the coolest setting and work your way up.

I know it’s hard to fight the urge to turn your tools up to the highest temperature, especially if you feel your hair needs that boost of heat to behave, but most people are setting their tools too high! Try using tools on the lowest setting and work your way up if need be. You may surprise yourself! Unnecessary heat causes damage for no apparent reason. Get to know your hair and what settings you may need.

Spice Up Your Salon!

DIY Wall Art

If you’ve never heard of Pinterest, it’s a fantastic website dedicated to inspiring all that read it. This week were were excited about ideas we saw for salon owners that said in 2012, they wanted to Soar to New Heights by adding something special to their space. We pulled a few ideas that would inspire those that want to add more character to their salons as well as intrigue new and existing clients.

A neat way to organize cords that are around your reception desk or stations

A cute idea that will make your restroom as fabulous as the rest of the salon.

Delicious and healthy saturday morning treat for clients.

Vintage photo that shows the beauty of textured hair through time..great as wall art!

Hair Trend: Children

Disney Star Chyna McClain shows how tweens can enjoy beautiful age-appropriate styling

To Achieve: Shampoo and condition hair with Dudley’s Sulfate-Free Cleanse shampoo and condition with Dudley’s Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner. Section hair in four parts and blow dry. Distribute a even amount of Dudley’s Creme Press onto hair and use a flat iron to smooth tresses and bend the iron to add a curl on the ends of the hair. Finish with Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray.

Children in salons are usually not acceptable unless being serviced. But when it comes to servicing children, what options do you choose? Some cosmetologists like to create hundreds of styles with the use of braids and twists, while others use heat styling to achieve perfectly polished looks. When it comes to the children in your salon, what do you do? Well we took notice of some of hollywood’s “it” children to show how servicing children can be a great way to boost your business!

Nahla Aubrey (Daughter of Halle Berry) shows how working with natural texture is best for small tots.

To Achieve: Shampoo hair with Dudley’s Moisturizing shampoo to ensure maximum moisture since little ones are usually only getting groomed once a day. When hair is wet, comb through with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles. Rub a dime sized amount of Dudley’s Curl Activator Moisturizer throughout hair to define tiny curls. Let hair hang loose or use a tie to create a high ponytail.

Sasha Obama rocks beautiful waves with pretty hair clasps. 

To Achieve: After shampooing and conditioning, set hair on big rollers using Dudley’s Fantastic Body Setting Lotion and place under a hooded dryer. After hair is 100% dry, remove rollers and use a paddle brush to smooth curls into waves. Place hair clasps if desired, and finish with Dudley’s Total Control Hair Gloss Rub-On.

Willow Smith stuns in funky braids

To Achieve: After shampooing and conditioning use a blow dryer to ensure hair is straightened. Use Dudley’s Hair and Scalp Conditioner with Vitamins A, D & E to section hair into small sections and braid down leaving about 1 1/2 inches of hair loose on the ends. After braiding the entire head, use a curling iron to add curl to the ends of the hair or if you prefer set the ends with rods and place under a hooded dryer. Finish with Dudley’s Total Control Liquid Gloss Spray.

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5 Winter Hazards For Your Skin

Sure, there are things we love about winter. We love freshly fallen snow, very cute outerwear, and the urge to snuggle and eat comfort foods to soothe the soul. What we don’t love however are the effects winter weather can have on the skin. When dealing with briskly temperatures, it’s important to understand and steer clear of certain hazards that can cause irreversible damage. Read these 5 hazards below to ensure your skin stays looking it’s best all season long.

1. Dry Indoor Air

One of the most damaging, dehydrating elements of winter. Keep a few humidifiers around your home, especially in rooms where you sleep or spend a lot of time. Also be sure to drink plenty of water! Try drinking at least 2 liters a day during the cold seasons.

2. Extremely Cold Weather

Extreme cold temperatures put you at risk for frostnip, especially if you don’t protect your extremities well. if you feel a numb or burning sensation in  your skin, get indoors immediately. Frostnip can not only lead to dangerous frostbit, but even in mild cases it can damage capillaries and potentially lead to itch or blistered skin. Try using Dudley’s Cocoa Butter Lotion daily to prevent any damage this way.

3. Snow Glare

This may seem like something you only need to worry about on the slopes, but the sun reflects 80% of any snowy surface, and without SPF your skin can suffer. Apply sunscreen daily throughout the year as well as using Dudley’s Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner to protect your strands against snow glare.

4. Hand Washing

Yes it’s your best defense against colds and flu, but it can take a toll on your hands, leaving skin dry, chapped and peeling. Be sure to moisturize with an emollient-rich lotion after every wash. Try our Cocoa Butter Creme, the texture is thick and velvety. Guaranteed to keep hands moisturized through washing!

5. Skipping Moisturizer

Sure you may not feel you need so much during the winter, but almost everyone needs an emollient moisturizer during the cold-weather season. Look for thick, oil-based creams that can help reconstitute dry skin.  Try Dudley’s Hydrating Facial lotion which is enriched with botanical extracts to replenish and stimulate skin.

What remedies work for you?

Source: QualityHealth’s Medical Advisory Board

Salon 411 – Keeping your clients happy and returning.

The reason most cosmetologists get into the beauty industry is the love of making men and women feel their best and express their creativity at the same time. There’s no question that with servicing clients comes many emotions. The hair salon has been characterized as not only a place to improve your look, but a place where you can relax and commune with your community. Even the most seasoned cosmetologist can come across a client that may need a little more TLC and that’s ok! As cosmetologists you must remember important customer service tactics to keep even the most difficult client with a smile on his/her face.

1. Sympathize

Ever been upset? Ever had an attitude? Of course! The last thing you want when you’re feeling down is to feel like you’re the only one that has been there. If you have a client that is putting their bad day/week/year on you, begin with understanding! Using phrases like “I understand” or “I’ve felt that way too” can instantly ease any attitude. Whether you believe it or not, no matter how upset a client is about ANYTHING good old fashioned sympathy works every time. Don’t just pretend to listen or be interested in their issues. Really listen and provide positive feedback. Your client will know that no matter what, coming to you will ensure their mood is elevated upon leaving.

2. Be detailed oriented

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but paying attention to detail and making it a constant in your life will separate the good from the great. Take notice to what your clients bring into the salon with them. Bottled water? What kind of music are they listening to? What was the topic of conversation the last time they came in? How great would it be if you followed up on a certain topic, or offered bottled water in the salon because you know how much your clients love it? Not only will this impress your client, but you will gain a new insight on how to stay on top of your clients needs.

3. Be on Time….ALL THE TIME

If you haven’t already, make being 5 minutes early a norm in your life. There is a lot to be said about someone that is constantly on time. If your first appointment is at 8am, come into the salon at 7am to ensure that you are not just “there” when your client arrives, but you are prepared to begin servicing them, and the salon environment is ready for the day. Set all of the clocks in your house 10 minutes fast and stick to them not your cell phone. You will be able to check client loyalty off your list when they know that you are dedicated to your craft, and to servicing them.

4. Think Ahead

Take the time to think about constant improvements that can be made within the salon and ask your clients how they feel about them. For instance, you may have been thinking about removing the television from your salon, serving wine, or changing your hours to better fit their needs. Keeping your clients in mind and asking their opinion shows ambition and people love to be around ambitious people. Why? Because it fuels the “go-getter” in all of us and inspires others to do better for themselves.

5. Follow Up

Have new clients? After their first appointment, call them a couple days later to ask about how their hair is doing and how they enjoyed their service. A follow up call shows that you are not just interested in the client spending money, but that you care about the client. Not only will the client know that you care about them as an individual, but that you show integrity in your work.

6. Be Genuine

Everyone can spot a fake. Be sincere and genuine with all your words. Smile from your heart, show concern, and be truthful in everything you say. People are more inclined to genuine people. It speaks volumes of you. Be that person your client can count on to tell the truth and be sincere.

7. Keep it Clean

Your salon and your language. Salon cleanliness is so important to maintaing a solid base. Your clients can see clutter at home. Your salon is not the place for it. Devote 30 minutes each day to salon upkeep so that there are no big messes to tackle later. Also be mindful of your language. Steer clear of profanity or negative words. A positive environment is soothing for the soul and is appealing to everyone.

8. Look the Part!

We may not need to say this, but just in case! As a cosmetologist it is your responsibility to look your best everyday. Treat your salon like a day at the office. You want to put your best foot forward and project an image that your clients want to replicate. Want an extra bonus? Start living a healthier lifestyle with the foods you choose to eat and your activity. Your clients will want to know EVERYTHING about what keeps you fabulous, and will trust you to rub off on them.

9. Show Gratitude

Nothing wrong with being humble. How often do you tell your clients “Thank You” or express how much you appreciate their business? Do it more! The truth is, your clients are the ones that make your business successful and they should know how much you appreciate it! Send thank you cards to your clients randomly (hand written is best.) You can do a little at a time until you have sent one to all of them, but this shows so much character and appreciation! Your clients will be impressed.

10. Give Back

Do you support charities or give back to your community? Clients love to hear this! Try offering a fancy dinner to high school students that do well on their report cards, or serving food at shelters. Don’t forget to publicize your good deeds! Take pictures and save all letters of appreciation to you and keep all of it in the salon. Your clients will love knowing that when they spend their money with you, they are also giving back to their community.