5 Tips to Effective Communication

Through our daily lives there is much communication to be had. Whether you are speaking to one of your employees or simply communicating to a friend, it is important to understand how crucial good communication skills are. If you find yourself in situations where you are often misunderstood, read these 5 tips to ensure your point comes along crystal clear.

1. Repeat it Back

Use active listening to increase the accuracy of your communications. Listen to what’s being said then repeat it back to the person speaking. For example: “What I hear you saying is…Is this accurate?”

2. Write it Down

Writing down information increases the chance of information being conveyed accurately and shows the listener that you are interested in getting his or her points down accurately.

3. Paint a Picture

Creating a visual image of what’s being said to you may help you to better remember or understand the information presented.

4. Open a Door

Communication is a two-way process. Individuals will be comfortable expressing their needs, wants and desires if they genuinely feel that you’ve left open the door to communication.

5. Let it Out. 

From time to time, what needs to be communicated may not be the most pleasant information or feeling, however, in order to address important issues we must allow these feelings to be expressed.

What do you do to communicate better?


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