5 Facts About Daily Heat Styling

A curling iron, hot comb, flat iron or marcel iron seem like necessary styling tools and work wonders on all hair types. These tools in fact, are revolutionary and do great things to aid us in creating unlimited styles for ourselves or our clients. But what happens when we take it too far? Many women use hot tools to maintain their mane on a daily basis, in fact some use hot tools to correct damage created by using too many hot tools! But what does using daily heat REALLY do to your hair? Whether you are an offender yourself, or have a client that doesn’t understand the effects, this post is for you! We asked an educator on our A-list team to give us 5 facts about daily heat styling, and her answers blew us away!

1. It dries the hair excessively.

Even if your hair is not severely dry, losing moisture and flexibility not only affects the way your hair looks and performs today, but can also have long-term damaging effects! If there was a beauty product that made you look great, but depleted you of water, would you use it? Probably not! Make a promise to yourself and your strands to limit heat styling to once a week. Be sure to maintain your hair at night with wrapping or any other technique involving a satin scarf or bonnet to keep ends laying down and in place for the next day. If you notice frizzies despite your wrapping efforts, try using Dudley’s Creme Press on stubborn edges to moisturize and protect hair from elements and smooth strands.

2. Daily heat strips the protective layer of the strand.

The outer layer of your hair strand is the first defense against damage. Think of it as the “skin” of your strand. Don’t damage it! No matter how your hair looks after using heat, that outer layer is being damaged. When you shampoo, use Dudley’s iDiversify Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner to ensure hair has an extra barrier of protection especially if you are noticing signs of heat damage and ask your cosmetologist about a Dudley’s DRC Protein Treatment.

3. Chemically treated hair may be more sensitive to heat.

Love those highlights you got recently? You may not know that if any chemicals are applied to the hair, it’s important to adjust your heat styling! Hair that has been treated with chemicals already needs TLC and daily heat can cause more strain on the hair. Ask your cosmetologist about adjusting your heat routine to fit the type of chemical service you received. Altering the color or texture of your hair may require new products along with new techniques.

4. It accelerates split ends.

A routine trim is essential to maintaining a head full of healthy, growing hair and trimming to frequently can slow down that process. To ensure your hair’s cycle is up to par, give up the heat. Your personal growth and shedding pattern shouldn’t be negatively affected. Try using Dudley’s Aroma Oil on ends to keep them from splitting and visit your cosmetologist for regular trims.

5. Start with the coolest setting and work your way up.

I know it’s hard to fight the urge to turn your tools up to the highest temperature, especially if you feel your hair needs that boost of heat to behave, but most people are setting their tools too high! Try using tools on the lowest setting and work your way up if need be. You may surprise yourself! Unnecessary heat causes damage for no apparent reason. Get to know your hair and what settings you may need.


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