5 Winter Hazards For Your Skin

Sure, there are things we love about winter. We love freshly fallen snow, very cute outerwear, and the urge to snuggle and eat comfort foods to soothe the soul. What we don’t love however are the effects winter weather can have on the skin. When dealing with briskly temperatures, it’s important to understand and steer clear of certain hazards that can cause irreversible damage. Read these 5 hazards below to ensure your skin stays looking it’s best all season long.

1. Dry Indoor Air

One of the most damaging, dehydrating elements of winter. Keep a few humidifiers around your home, especially in rooms where you sleep or spend a lot of time. Also be sure to drink plenty of water! Try drinking at least 2 liters a day during the cold seasons.

2. Extremely Cold Weather

Extreme cold temperatures put you at risk for frostnip, especially if you don’t protect your extremities well. if you feel a numb or burning sensation in  your skin, get indoors immediately. Frostnip can not only lead to dangerous frostbit, but even in mild cases it can damage capillaries and potentially lead to itch or blistered skin. Try using Dudley’s Cocoa Butter Lotion daily to prevent any damage this way.

3. Snow Glare

This may seem like something you only need to worry about on the slopes, but the sun reflects 80% of any snowy surface, and without SPF your skin can suffer. Apply sunscreen daily throughout the year as well as using Dudley’s Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner to protect your strands against snow glare.

4. Hand Washing

Yes it’s your best defense against colds and flu, but it can take a toll on your hands, leaving skin dry, chapped and peeling. Be sure to moisturize with an emollient-rich lotion after every wash. Try our Cocoa Butter Creme, the texture is thick and velvety. Guaranteed to keep hands moisturized through washing!

5. Skipping Moisturizer

Sure you may not feel you need so much during the winter, but almost everyone needs an emollient moisturizer during the cold-weather season. Look for thick, oil-based creams that can help reconstitute dry skin.  Try Dudley’s Hydrating Facial lotion which is enriched with botanical extracts to replenish and stimulate skin.

What remedies work for you?

Source: QualityHealth’s Medical Advisory Board


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